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Art Deco演变自十九世纪末的Art Nouveau(新艺术)运动,,Art Deco不排斥机器时代的技术美感,机械式的、几何的、纯綷装饰的线条也被用来表现时代美感,比较典型的装饰图案,如扇形辐射状的太阳光、齿轮或流线型线条、对称简洁的几何构图等等;色彩运用方面以明亮且对比强烈的的颜色来彩绘,具有强烈的装饰意图,例如亮丽的红色、吓人的粉红色、电器类的蓝色、警报器的黄色,到探戈的橘色、及带有金属味的金色、银白色以及古铜色等等

The evolution of Art Deco is from the movement of Art Nouveau in the end of 19th century. Art Deco does not reject the technical beauty of mechanical generation. The mechanical, geometrical and pure lines are all used to express the beauty of generation. The typical decoration patterns include sunshine in fan radial shape, gear, or streamlined lines, simple and symmetrical geometric composition and so on; to apply bright and colors of strong contrast to painting, which is with strong decoration tension. For example, the bright red, scaring pink, electric blue, warning yellow, to Tango orange and metal gold, silver-white and bronze and so on.





Art Deco


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